SUMGAME is a new generation of digital currency sports quiz social platform for sports events. It uses the disruptive technology of the blockchain to do sports quiz for sports events. It has an original digital asset loan sports quiz system based on credit models, and provides event data service solutions on smart contracts. SUMGAME will issue the platform currency SUM, which will be linked to the platform's equity operation activities and economic circulation to form a complete community economic ecology.

North America
South America

Guarantee game data cannot be tampered with

Smart contract solves the problem of chip delivery

Reduce fees, increase transfer speed, and enhance gaming experience

The contents of on-chain chip delivery are written into the blockchain through smart contracts, and distributed nodes record the smart contract data and complete consensus to ensure that the smart contract content cannot be tampered with.

The SUMGAME platform uses blockchain technology as the underlying protocol for "sports quiz" game development, ensuring that "sports quiz" game data cannot be tampered with, and the blockchain network is open to all "sports quiz" game developers in the later stage. To strengthen the SUMGAME ecosystem.

SUMGAME uses a hybrid algorithm of DPOS and POW as the consensus mechanism at the beginning stage, and will eventually use PPOS completely instead of POW.

Technical solutions

SUMGAME technology components include consensus mechanism, smart contract, encryption algorithm, security mechanism, storage and communication and other components to implement a Turing complete blockchain online "sports quiz" type game platform.

Consensus mechanism
Distributed storage
Smart contract
Encryption Algorithm
Road Map
December 2019
The project is formally determined and the market survey is completed
March 2020
Complete the development of the underlying technology of the blockchain
August 2020
Start building a developer community
May 2020
Sports quiz module goes live
December 2020
SUMGAME ecological construction completed
BOCKGAME Developer Community
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